Saturday, 23 January 2016

Adaptation A - Script V2

In this version of the script I have refined some of my steps and worked out the transitions between each step in preparation for making the storyboard. 

Adaptation A – ’10 Steps to Becoming Less of a Burden on Society’

Script 2.0

Title Page:
10 Steps to Becoming Less of a Burden on Society
Note: Title is drawn onto the screen, in a rough way but still easily readable.

Transition - Title moves off-screen or fades.
Screen zooms out to reveal a TV set on standby.

Step 1:
Turn off the standby light on your television.
You are wasting over £80 a year leaving all of your appliances on standby. The average television still uses 10% of its energy when on standby.

Transition - Standby light turns off, screen goes dark.
Multiple plastic bags drop from the top and pile up at the bottom.

Step 2:
Stop using plastic bags.
They are not biodegradable and they end up in places that cause damage to the environment and its wildlife.

Transition - Reusable bag moves off screen to the left.
Empty dinner plate moves onto the screen from opposite direction.

Step 3:
Eat less meat.
You will be significantly improving your own health by eating more greens than meats. It will also make you a healthier, happier worker.

Transition - Hand comes in from left and grabs full plate, pulls it off screen.
Pipe(s) come onto the screen and an on/off switch, then water begins to pour down from the top to bottom of the screen.

Step 4:
Take shorter showers.
If you shower every day, you could save around 3650 gallons a year by reducing your time in the shower by 4 minutes. That’s a lot of water.

Transition - Hand comes in from left and turns the shower off, then the pipe(s) exit the screen as they entered.
 An envelope with ‘overdue’ stamped on the front enters the screen from the top. It opens and a letter comes out, the envelope drops and the letter is centred.

Step 5:
Don’t take out loans you know you can’t pay back.
They will build up and you will have wasted precious time and money.

Transition - Many envelopes drop from the top, obscuring the letter on screen and clearing the screen.
A desk is revealed behind the letters, an ‘employee’ drops from the top to behind the desk and is giving a ‘thumbs up’.

Step 6:
Be Happy.
Be content with where you are in society, your job is important in sustaining a healthy community.

Transition - Government building (parliament) falls and lands on the employee (shadow forms under employee building up to this).
Same figure rises and pushes (supports) the government building with hands above head.

Step 7:
Support your Government.
Your government works hard to keep you happy and healthy, be sure to support them whenever and wherever you can.

Transition - Figure stays still, building moves up and out of view quickly.
Two baskets/bags drop down and the figure catches them (arms still above head), then products rain from the top and fall into the baskets/bags.

Step 8:
Buy regularly from your local businesses and enjoy their premium products.

Transition - Figure and the baskets move downward off of the screen.
Next an image of a figure painting onto an easel rises up from the bottom of the screen to the same position. Partway through step 9 the easel gets knocked off-screen by a blackboard, showing the figure writing an equation or doing a lecture (shown as a better job). Note: Perhaps change the figure slightly at the transition between easel and blackboard, he is slouched and brooding when painting but when it changes, he is slightly straighter/more positive.

Step 9:
Contribute to the system.
Instead of doing something ‘creative’ like studying art, you could apply to get a real paying job.

Transition - Figure turns around from the blackboard, notes on blackboard become the 10 steps and the title of the infographic.

Step 10:
Be a model citizen. Show your friends and family all you have learned here and teach them the correct way to behave and fit in.

End screen - Zooms into blackboard on screen, notes on blackboard become the credits (or the credits roll after the screen is completely black).

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