Saturday, 9 January 2016

Adaptation A - Further Research and Links

'Saving the Environment' possible ideas:

These two have a ton of possible ideas if I want to go down this route. However, if I do focus on saving the environment. A slight tweak in the title may work better. '10 steps to becoming less of a burden on the planet' would be more relevant to the message I would be sending. I think I will definitely need to keep that in mind if I choose to focus on this.

'Burdens on Society' possible ideas:

I have also found some interesting sites that talk about people who some consider to be 'burdens on society'. I will link them below. Using some of the facts they bring up could create an interesting infographic, either by speaking seriously about the subject or turning the facts on their heads. Then it could be more comedic and still ask the questions, 'are these people really just burdens?' and 'whose fault is this really?'.

'Sesame Credit' possible ideas:

If I wanted to go more in depth into this there is a very interesting/scary development happening in china right now called 'sesame credit'. It works similar to the US credit score except it takes the concept much, much further. It could be worth talking about but it could be too much of a complicated subject to conclude even in 2 minutes. I found some more useful links for this below.

News Links:

YouTube Video breaking down the subject:

So far these are the three main ideas I have found that seem to show promise but I can't yet decide which I would rather cover (or which would be best). Feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions.

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