Monday, 15 May 2017

Major Project - Reflective Statement

Looking back at the entire major project, I am satisfied with how I managed most of the project. Similar to my experience of the minor project, it went well overall but still had a few small problems along the way. I am happy with the animation and 'art of' document I have submitted and feel that it reflects a lot of hard work in areas that I had only rudimentary experience in beforehand.

These main two areas were animation and lighting. In previous projects on this course I had perhaps not pushed myself far enough in these areas to properly prepare for a year long project creating an animated short. Thankfully I manged to overcome these problems before they threatened the project significantly. However, this experience definitively shows that I need to work more in these areas after this course in order to bring them up to the standard of the rest of my skill set.

There were also a few moments during the project where I didn't work smartly enough and some areas were left too long. This mean't I had to pause everything else just to complete things that should already have been done. Due to moments like this there was time lost that should not have been.

The project as a whole went very well despite these few setbacks and I am very proud of the animated short I produced. I was able to work to some of my strengths creating the animation and I very much enjoyed working on it. 

Major Project - Final Submission

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Major Project - Colour Fade Effect

A quick update to show the colour fade effect I have created for my animation. It was made by animating a radial ramp that is projected onto the object in maya.