Saturday, 9 January 2016

Adaptation A - Chosen Title and Beginning of Research

After the pitch with Phil and Alan, we all agreed that '10 steps to become less of a burden on society' was the strongest and had the most potential. Phil suggested a few useful ideas which I intend to start my research with. One of the main points that was mentioned was all the small changes people could make to make a big difference e.g. turning TV's off of standby. He also suggested looking at airline safety cards for style inspiration.

Below are just a few of the safety cards I've found online. I've found quite a few more with a simple image search but thought it best not to litter this post with them. My next step will be to start collecting interesting facts that I could use in my infographic.

Easyjet safety card (page 1)

Easyjet safety card (page 2) 

Britsh Airways safety card

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