Friday, 24 February 2017

Major Project - Second Modelling Update

I have now modelled the majority of the environment props in my house set. With just a few extra details to finish, including the two houseplants that currently exist as two empty pots. The next thing to complete is the model of the sound collector's van.

Model of the Front Gate Lock

Friday, 10 February 2017

Major Project - Modelling and Texturing Update

I've been continuing with modelling the environment sets. The hallway has all of its main pieces of furniture and the front door is complete. I've also modelled the majority of the exterior set. The front gate still requires more work and the van still needs to be modelled. Since receiving my feedback for the minor project I have also made some tweaks to the textures in my living room/kitchen set. I've added wooden detail to the front of the sofa, changed the design and colour of the ceiling lamps and removed the artex from the ceiling beam in the kitchen.

Hallway Main Furniture Modelled

Front Door Lock and Door Bell Speaker

House Front Modelling Progress

Early Doorbell Shot Test Render

Kitchen Texture Changes

Living Room Texture Changes