Friday, 15 January 2016

Adaptation A - Post Tutorial 15/01/16

After talking with Alan about my idea and rough step layout their were two main issues he found. The being that steps 9 and 10 were too extreme and run the risk being offensive, as such he suggested removing 9 entirely and tweaking 10 as it could be alright if not said too seriously in the infographic. The other issue he raised was that the inherent joke in the infographic might not be clear to the audience if it is not addressed properly at the beginning. It needs something in the opening seconds with the title screen that tells the audience this is not a serious infographic. After I feel that I have solved the problems I intend to begin writing a rough script in order to figure out how everything should be phrased. I will look mostly at 50's and 60's television/ advertisements in order to find the correct tone.

1 - Turn the standby light off on your television.
2 - Don't use plastic bags.
3 - Eat less meat, more vegetarian meals.
4 - Take shorter showers
5 - Avoid using water filters as they are wasteful (don't filter water)
6 - Know your place in society, be happy with where you are (don't aspire too high)
7 - Let your government know what a wonderful job they're doing, support at rallies/elections
8 - Opt into genetic testing
9 - Avoid helping the homeless (and refugees?) REMOVE AND REPLACE
10 - Don't let your elderly family members weigh you down in society (send them to our 'special' care homes, so you can removes the burdens in your life) REPHRASE

Normal and real environment facts
Slightly suspicious and non-facts
Very suspicious and completely biased

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