Thursday, 29 September 2016

Minor Project - Story ideas

For my minor and major project I intend to continue with my adaptation of 'The Sound Collector' poem by Roger McGough. I wish to create an animated short with a story focused on the character of the sound collector. There are a few story concepts I have that I feel are quite strong contenders to take forward into the minor project.

Story Concept 1:
As a child he had a love/obsession with sound. As he grew up the obsession only grew until he got a job at a company that collects unique sounds for research/other. The job itself turns out to be unbearably mundane and tedious, it is littered with paperwork and endless routines, focused on filing sounds precisely and clean efficient work. After years of the job it wears him down and he loses his passion for sound. He finds an old toy/item in his apartment from when he was a child that makes him realize how the job has changed him.

Story Concept 2:
The protagonist has an obsession with sound and objects that create unique sounds. He pretends to be a 'Sound Collector'. He uses this alias to 'collect' objects from peoples homes. He uses some of them to create bizarre sound contraptions. For example, an elaborate alarm clock made of different objects that almost fills his bedroom. Later, he realizes that people are missing the things he has taken.

Story Concept 3:
'The Sound Collector' is a story told like a children's bed time story. Possible inspiration from children's literature available in the 1950's. Eg The Velveteen Rabbit (1992), Dr Seuss books (1950's-1960's), Charlottes Web (1952). The sound collector would likely be the villain in the story, perhaps the story is a warning to children about the sound collector.