Saturday, 23 January 2016

Adaptation A - Script V1

Below is my initial script, I forgot to upload this earlier. I am currently working on the slide transitions for this script and the storyboard.

Adaptation A – ’10 Steps to Becoming Less of a Burden on Society’

Script 1.0

Title Page:
10 Steps to Becoming Less of a Burden on Society

Step 1
Turn off the standby light on your television.
You are wasting over £80 a year leaving all of your appliances on standby. The average television still uses 10% of its energy when on standby.

Step 2
Stop using plastic bags.
They are not biodegradable and they end up in places that cause damage to the environment and its wildlife.

Step 3
Eat less meat.
You will be significantly improving your own health by eating more greens than meats. It will also make you a healthier, happier worker.

Step 4
Take shorter showers.
If you shower every day, you could save around 3650 gallons a year by reducing your time in the shower by 4 minutes. That’s a lot of water.

Step 5
Don’t take out loans you know you can’t pay back. (MAY NEED MORE WORK)

Step 6
Be Happy.
Be content with where you are in society, your job is important in sustaining a healthy community.

Step 7
Support your Government.
Your government works hard to keep you happy and healthy, be sure to support them whenever and wherever you can. (COULD TWEAK WORDING SLIGHTLY)

Step 8
Buy regularly from your local businesses and enjoy their premium products (MAY NEED MORE WORK)

Step 9
Don’t Waste Your Time.
Instead of doing something ‘creative’ like studying art, you could apply to get a real paying job.

Step 10
Be a model citizen. (MAY NEED MORE WORK)

Other ideas

Narrator running out of ideas towards the end, becomes more rushed?

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