Friday, 15 January 2016

Adaptation A - Rough Step Layout

1 - Turn the standby light off on your television.
2 - Don't use plastic bags.
3 - Eat less meat, more vegetarian meals.
4 - Take shorter showers
5 - Avoid using water filters as they are wasteful (don't filter water)
6 - Know your place in society, be happy with where you are (don't aspire too high)
7 - Let your government know what a wonderful job they're doing, support at rallies/elections
8 - Opt into genetic testing
9 - Avoid helping the homeless (and refugees?)
10 - Don't let your elderly family members weigh you down in society (send them to our 'special' care homes, so you can removes the burdens in your life)

Normal and real environment facts
Slightly suspicious and non-facts
Very suspicious and completely biased

Even though the last few points are more extreme than the previous ones, the tone still remains calm and it will be phrased in careful ways to make it seem better than it is. It will still be picked up on as biased/wrong, I hope to achieve that through the careful phrasing and supporting graphics.

Let me know what you think and if you think any of the points could be improved or changed.

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