Monday, 12 October 2015

Refined Character Project Idea

After speaking with Justin last Tuesday he helped me integrate my 'light' card into what I felt was my strongest idea for a game. Below are the original notes I made for that game and below that are the comments Justin made to help improve it.

-(card game) choose from a selection of bizarre animals, you use cards to evolve and mutate them and you face off against your opponents. Based on natural selection, aka the strongest survives.
perhaps either going against opponents or a series of trials.
you could pick up a trials card or a 'mutate' or 'evolve' card.
(doesn't include light)
you could pick up bad mutate cards (comedic)
not all trials cards are bad.

(notes after talking with Justin about my ideas, mostly about my card game idea)
- colours of light causing mutations, different colour cards for different types of mutation aka strength, agility, cunning.
- think about the world, create the world for the game.

New Game World Ideas

1- Once peaceful creatures, then the light came and they found that the light mutated them. They began to compete and fight. They now use the light to mutate themselves to become stronger.

2- Instead of fighting each other, with the light came monstrous creatures which they had to defeat. They use the light to mutate or even out-mutate the alien creatures to defeat them.

3- The creatures have to fight alien creatures made of light or glowing with light. They threaten their home and as such have to fight back.

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