Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Initial Character Ideas and Character Session 1

Below are the two pages of initial ideas I had for my character project. As my notes may be hard to read I will transcribe them below each image.

Character Project - Game Ideas


-light as a mechanic, use the light to burn the mutations (doesn't include fantasy)

-(card game) choose from a selection of bizarre animals, you use cards to evolve and mutate them and you face off against your opponents. Based on natural selection, aka the strongest survives.
perhaps either going against opponents or a series of trials.
you could pick up a trials card or a 'mutate' or 'evolve' card.
(doesn't include light)
you could pick up bad mutate cards (comedic)
not all trials cards are bad.

- viruses in a computer system. you have to either save the computer or help infect it.

- you are an animal of some kind, you have to consume or merge with other animals to move forward aka get bigger and move to a different stage (larger world).
perhaps light is an enemy, beams of light could be the obstacle.
(idea may be too close to the game 'spore')

- you are a scientist/sorcerer that can merge animals together/mutate them using light maybe?
perhaps this is an app mostly for a casual fun gaming experience.

(notes after talking with Justin about my ideas, mostly about my card game idea)
- colours of light causing mutations, different colour cards for different types of mutation aka strength, agility, cunning

- think about the world, create the world for the game

Below is the game I had to morph into a different game type. I had to change the computer game 'Counter Strike' into a board game.

Character Project Session 1

Counter Strike as a board game.

A top down environment that is sorted into tiles places. you would control a team (counter-terrorists or terrorists) and use dice or cards to move you team or switch weapons. As a lot of the game is strategy this fits right into a board game.

- May have a problem with visibility of enemies. Might need a 'fog of war'. possibly an app or tablet game?

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