Wednesday, 7 October 2015

06/10/15 Game Night - Thoughts

As our character project is focused around designing a game, last night after our character project class we stayed afterwards to play some games. We were organised into groups of four and shown the games we were to play.

The first game our group decided to play was called 'Smash Up'. It is a card game that consists of a large variety of decks of cards, each deck has an overarching theme. These themes range from vampires to dinosaurs, to wizards, to geeks and so on. You choose (or are randomly assigned) two of these themed decks and you shuffle them together. You use these decks to battle with your opponents in order to earn victory points. Once a player has fifteen victory points, they win and the game is over.

I found this game to be really unique and I was surprised that I hadn't heard of it before. It was a really fun experience and in the end Ryan won the game through a cunning use of his 'aliens' and 'secret agents' deck.

After finishing there we moved onto a much quicker card game. We played a game of 'Fluxx', or more specifically 'Zombie Fluxx'. This game turned out to be just as unique and interesting as the first. What struck me the most about this game was its core mechanics. It starts out with only one core rule, 'Draw one, Play one'. The main idea behind this game is that as the game progresses, the rules change. New rules replace the old ones as cards are drawn. The goal of the game also changes as you play. Overall it was clear to see just how easy the game was to play.

As the rules are introduced one by one to the players, it is incredibly simple to play even for new players. Of the two games this one definitely interested me the most, its simple play style and wacky mechanics made it a joy to play.

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