Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Character Session 4

In this session we were first given a character and asked to design environments to fit with the character. I was given Mario and at first I struggled to come up with specific ideas, nothing interesting came to mind. I talked with Justin about some specific aspects I could use to influence the environment, he suggested using pipes as the main inspiration for the environment. The environment on page 3 is what I designed after talking with Justin, I am very happy with this piece compared to my previous efforts.
After that we were given specific spaces and were asked to think about the feel of the space and how it would fit into a game storyline. I was given 'Abandoned Laboratory'. My ideas were that this laboratory was a turning point in the story where truth of sorts would be found. This would either happen at the end of the story and reveal the ending, or it would be in the first half of the game and the truth it reveals would change the perception of the game world and propel the narrative forward afterwards. I found this character session very interesting, especially as I found designing the environments very difficult at first.
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