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Film Review (Opposing Characters) - Guardians of the Galaxy (James Gunn, 2014)

Fig 1. Guardians of the Galaxy Poster.

The two opposing characters in this film are the protagonist, Peter Quill (also known as Starlord) and the villain, Ronan the Accuser.

The beginning of the film neatly sums up the backstory of Peter Quill. It begins with him witnessing his mother's death in a hospital bed due to a long illness she had. Shortly after this, in his distress, he runs out of the hospital and collapses on the grass outside. A huge spaceship appears above him instantly and beams him up. The film then jumps ahead 26 years to present-day Quill where the main narrative begins to take shape.

Fig 2. Peter Quill (Starlord).

Ronan is introduced not long after, he is revealed as a fanatic of an alien race known as the 'Kree'. He has a twisted sense of morality and as such he is shown to be exceedingly dangerous. Not much is revealed of his backstory apart from stories of his previous exploits, mass killings and murders across the galaxy.

These two characters oppose each other in various ways. At a base level Quill is shown to want to protect whoever he can along the way of his own adventures. Ronan however, wishes nothing more than the complete and total annihilation of a race known as the 'Xandarians'. Peter Quill wants to protect and Ronan the Accuser wants to destroy. In this way their opposing traits are completely clear. Quill is however a more complex character in many ways whereas Ronan's character seems to be limited by his overbearing character values of hatred and fury towards his enemies. The simplicity of the villain in this film makes sense though, as you are of course never meant to feel any sympathy for him.

Fig 3. Ronan the Accuser.

Their differences do span further than what is on the surface. Throughout the film, Quill is shown to be the voice of reason whenever their is a dispute among his allies. He is in many ways, a guide for the others. Ronan is yet again, the complete opposite of this, driving everyone away for his own selfish desires. In some ways these characters are difficult to unpack thoroughly but they do without a doubt mirror each other in almost every way.

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