Wednesday, 12 October 2016

@Phil - Minor Project - Sound Collector Style Direction

As I am continuing on with 'The Sound Collector' from my Adaptation B project. One of the things I wanted to explore further was the style of my character. As such I've been looking at different ways of illustrating the sound collector.

I feel that this is my most successful exploration so far, it is still very rough but I believe there is some potential in this direction. I am drawn to sharper and more geometric features/lines as well as more emphasized facial features.

If you have any suggestions regarding this direction Phil, I would love to hear what you think.

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  1. In terms of this guy's character and the sort of drab mise-en-scene of your story, I wonder if you need to think about the textures/surfaces of your character too - this version is much more 'shape-based' than your previous guy - so I can see his head/face translating into a 3D shape more strikingly - but there's something almost too solid and saturated about him. Take a look at the characters that populate the animations of Joanna Quinn - British animator - there's a lot of 'grey' in her skin tones, for example and sort of 'tired' quality to the colours - there's a translucency too: