Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Minor Project - Sound Collector Style Development

After looking at the artist Phil showed to me, I worked on my previous design, making his skin pastier and sketching in much finer detail. I've also looked at some small possible changes to the character which may aid in accentuating his dullness. I am overall very happy with this version of the character. I am mostly drawn to version 1 and 3, they both look much better than the previous versions of this character whereas the added details in versions 2 and 4 seem quite obstructive.


  1. just make sure you're always looking at real world reference in terms of informing your character design - as I can't quite relate that hat to anything I've truly seen in terms of men's fashion...

    1. I've altered the hat slightly now, I was working off of a bowler hat but forgot to add the curve of the edging of the hat.