Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Film Review - When the Wind Blows (Jimmy Murakami, 1986)

Fig 1.When the Wind Blows Poster.

When the Wind Blows is a British animated film about an elderly couple when faced with the possibility of an imminent nuclear strike from the soviet union. It is a disaster film that takes place almost entirely in their home leading up to and after a nuclear strike. The film was made in collaboration with Raymond Briggs and was based on his graphic novel of the same name.

The films overall tone is very serious and increases gradually from beginning to end. There are very few lighthearted moments in the film and a lot of small details that add to the dismal atmosphere. The couples lack of knowledge about the global situation, and of the effects of radiation is one such example. There is a blend of stop-motion and drawn animation (See Fig 2). The house itself is stop-motion and the characters are drawn animation on top. This blend isn't that noticeable and there is a comfortable coherence in the film's style.

Fig 2. Stop-Motion and Drawn Animation.

The lack of high points in this film makes it harder to watch as thing go from bad to worse in the story. While this does make the film seem like a realistic depiction of the situation, it is not very balanced as a film and as such can drag the viewers attention away from the story.

Overall, while there are some minor flaws that can be picked out, the film is impressive is many more ways. It's story is simple and elegant and the animation style fits perfectly with the tone of the story.

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