Monday, 25 April 2016

Adaptation B - Animatic First Draft

This is the first draft of the animatic for 'The Sound Collector'. I'm very happy with it but there may still be small tweaks made to it before the presentation.


  1. I really like how the colour drains away along with the sound :)

  2. Jack - I'm not sure why you chose to do it this way but your film is not 16:9 ratio (HD 1920 / 1080)? That's missing screen space that could have a major impact on your screencraft (framing of shots, camera shots, lighting, animation, meaning, storytelling etc). Perhaps in the same manner in which you didn't quite see the relevence of distance in storytelling you've missed the mark on the importance of frame size too. Both of these oversights are indicating to me that there is something 'missing' in your knowledge at the moment.

    Ok, its a little too late to fix now this but my recommendation is...

    a) Mention your oversight in your presentation before we do.

    b) Use your time after this project is over to learn more about 'screen craft' in relation to storytelling. I can see that you do have an ear for storytelling but haven't quite connected that up yet to visual craft (tried and tested cinematic techniques used throughout the history of film). To put it simply there's a bit of guess work going on in your practical storytelling that needs more underpinning with film making techniques (research).

    This video is a good start...