Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Adaptation B - The Sound Collector Storyboard

I have finally finished a fairly refined storyboard for the 'The Sound Collector' animatic I am making alongside my completed 3D character. Apart from some small tweaks that are bound to come up, I feel that I am ready to begin work on the animatic itself.

Also, the numbers for each shot correspond with each line of the poem, I will put the poem at the bottom of this post for reference.

The Sound Collector 
by Roger McGough

A stranger called this morning   (1)
Dressed all in black and grey   (2)
Put every sound into a bag   (3)
And carried them away   (4)

The whistling of the kettle   (5)
The turning of the lock   (6)
The purring of the kitten   (7)
The ticking of the clock   (8)

The popping of the toaster   (9)
The crunching of the flakes   (10)
When you spread the marmalade   (11)
The scraping noise it makes   (12)

The hissing of the frying pan   (13)
The ticking of the grill   (14)
The bubbling of the bathtub   (15)
As it starts to fill   (16)

The drumming of the raindrops   (17)
On the windowpane   (18)
When you do the washing-up   (19)
The gurgle of the drain   (20)

The crying of the baby   (21)
The squeaking of the chair   (22)
The swishing of the curtain   (23)
The creaking of the stair   (24)

A stranger called this morning   (25)
He didn't leave his name   (26)
Left us only silence   (27)
Life will never be the same   (28)

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