Monday, 25 April 2016

@Alan Adaptation B - Further Title Tweaking

Version 1

Version 2

I've made further changes to my title design. However, while using a more structured business font I found it hard to include any further sound based designs with it. It always looked too cluttered and took away from the simple graphical punch. I'm happy with version 2 but it may be too simple. If you have any more useful feedback I would be happy to hear it.


  1. Hey Jack - just sticking my nose in, but I actually don't think the radioactive aspects are giving your title very much. I think that simple 'bureaucratic' typeface is enough, but I also think the BIG letters are making it seem too shouty and over-stated. I can't help thinking that just 'the sound collector' all on one line, with no capital letters and sort of small and rather isolated in the middle of that space would suit your understated little character. I also think the black is too heavy: try white text on a grey background, or grey text on a white background... something a bit 'meeker'.

  2. Thanks phil, I see what you mean. I don't know if it isn't that clear but the 'radioactive' symbols are reel-to'reels from the device I made. I will make another version which will hopefully be the final one.