Monday, 10 November 2014

What If? MetropolisThumbnails (78-101)

Thumbnails 83 to 86 are some exploration thumbnails of the structure of the city and how path will be structured. Thumbnails 83 was pretty much my initial structure idea when I was writing my travelogue and its plain to see that it is far to simple and plain to be something that a biologist would design. 
With the other 3 I was trying to create more natural and free-flowing paths, in some cases using forms similar to his to make the structure seem more organic. I feel that 85 and 86 are more successful in beginning to create something organic but perhaps I should not restrict myself completely to the circle idea of the city, simply using it as a template to generate the city from the centre out might work even better.
87 to 91 are quick and simple perspective shots of some of the city structures in an extremely basic form.

Thumbnails 92 to 101 are fast explorations of form for building ideas. I intend to do many more of these to try to generate ideas for buildings quickly and effectively. Then I can take particularly evocative forms and take them further. From then I could pick out forms that compliment each other, place them together with ideas that I have already developed and begin to create the comprehensive layout of my city. This will include the overall structure, transport and perhaps if its relevant to design, the hierarchy and class structure of the city. These are my ideas so far at least.

Key themes/ideas that I think still work for my city
-It is evolving/growing
-City structure based loosely around a cell or other similar forms
-Jellyfish inspired dome at the epicentre (needs more structure and development)
-Large wall containing the city (maybe)
-Buildings are more structured/developed near the centre, less so further out to the edges (subtle hint of the city growing)

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