Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Further Story Ideas - A work in progress

After talking to Phil about my story ideas yesterday, we came up with some really interesting ideas that weren't as restricted and forced as some of my previous ones. Building on my previous idea of two sculptors pitted against each other for a commission, there could be two cartoonish and exaggerated sculptors/lumberjacks who are battling it out for a trophy or title.

Reminder of what I'm working with;

The setting would be a Canadian forest (or similar). There would be a makeshift gym for training for the sculpting (likely the first or early scene). There would be time-lapses of them building and adding to sculptures that become bigger and bigger. Using more and more of the landscape around them (rock, wood, ice). Eventually as they become higher and harder to reach, they would both use wacky ways of getting to the top to sculpt it, from a pogo-stick to a catapult to a helicopter one calls in (escalates).

Possible end games would be a zoom out reveal to show a devastated and unstable landscape (cliff, pit...) which would collapse the monumental sculptures or after building for so long they would turn on each others sculptures and attempt to destroy them, leaving them both with nothing at the end, with no prize. Another possibility we talked about was the use of 'the tortoise and the hare' story, there would be one sculptor going at a steady precise pace and another working much quicker and taking a break thinking he will easily win (going to sleep looking at the other sculptors clearly unfinished sculpture, then waking up to find a masterpiece there and his own not as good or not quite finished and short of time).

Really interested in these ideas overall and I feel that there is a lot to work with. Let me know what you think!

Notes and possible alterations:

-exaggerated lumberjack characters (red flannel shirts and jeans, chainsaws etc...)

-for tortoise and hare idea there would be a massive, well-built lumberjack (hare) and a smaller or thinner but clearly smarter sculptor (tortoise)

-very 'functional gym'. using things around them as weights (rocks etc...) and maybe animals could be involved here?

-example of using the environment around them, the pogo-stick could be a log and a coiled up snake

-if working with 2 similar sculptors battling it out, for the comedy and cartoon aspect one sculptor could be a woman who looks exactly like the male character but with make-up and long hair (no other discernible features)

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