Saturday, 10 January 2015

From Script to Screen - Starting ideas

The 3 key structures I pulled from the mystical blue box were:


After thinking about these for the week the key ideas that spring to mind are;

The sculptor gets commissioned to do a piece for either the reception of the gym or the courtyard (if its a particularly large gym).

There is perhaps some competition between this sculptor and another better equipped and more traditional sculptor (perhaps he sees a flyer in the street). The problem could be a lack of confidence and self-esteem in comparison with the other sculptor. He uses inventive ways in his sculpture and creates his own distinct style. After doing his best there is an unveiling and the traditional sculptor has created a flawless representation of a muscular man holding weights (could be different), while our sculptor has something new, inventive and never seen before. (The traditional sculptor would be confident at the unveiling and ours would not be)At the gym there is a committee (or judges) and they are blown away by the inventive new sculptor and deem it the winner. He is ecstatic and the other sculptor scowls.

Some other smaller ideas that I have had include;

The pogo-stick relating to his son who died.

The pogo-stick being his tool for sculpting.

Overall I have had most difficulty with the pogo-stick and how to weave it into the story ideas I have had. I think it will definitely be the hardest to work with and as such I think my next course of action is to generate ideas with the pogo-stick as the focal-point, as Phil suggested.


  1. Hi Jack - you can have a combination of objects or object that functions like a pogo-stick - in other words a spring, a broom and a bike handle could become a pogo-stick...

    1. I see what you mean, I can already see more ideas with things like this. The pogo stick could perhaps be a sculpture or part of one. Thanks for the feedback!