Saturday, 6 September 2014

Images 21-40 Working with Silhouettes

My next 20 images have been created by reshaping and/or piecing together silhouettes of the images we were given. I've gotten a lot of good ideas down using this method but overall I found drawing straight onto paper to be much quicker and more effective. Therefore I'm going to switch back to drawing for the remainder.

I have decided that my next 61 images will be split into 3 sets of 20 (one will be 21). In each set I will create drawings covering a single category. This should work a lot better than the images I have already done, where it may be hard to tell whether an image is a machine, a life-form or a structure.


  1. Hey Jack :)

    Liking 10 and 12 has a whole sad clown/tin man thing going on...

  2. oh yeah, just remember you need to have the full course title and 'UCA Rochester' included somewhere as part of our blog template.

  3. ok, I'll make sure to get that sorted today