Friday, 12 September 2014

Final Turnarounds

Here they are, my final chosen images and the original sketches that they sprung from. Any feedback on these images would be very much appreciated as there is still time for alterations.


  1. Hi Jack,

    There's a pleasing simplicity to your final three and I think it would be useful - though not required by the brief - to create some 'action' shots of your creations; for example, thumbnail 54 has a lot of character in it that isn't in your turnarounds; so an image of that boxy 'small-dog' snarling or reacting as an additional image would help bring out its charms. Likewise the machine - it would be great to see it depicted 'in use' to give a greater sense of its scale, for example.

  2. I see what you mean about my original 54 thumbnail, I will definitely try to get some action shots done and uploaded before the presentation on Friday. Thanks for the feedback!