Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Day 1 Thumbnails

The results of day 1 in Photoshop. I found the lasso tool to be particularly useful in generating bizarre shapes, which I could then immediately colour and texture.


  1. LOVE 28 on the 2nd sheet - something monumental about those 'columns' - indeed, you've got some fab thumbnails here already - very evocative - 9 on the first sheet also very expressive of towering structures...

    see link!

  2. Hey Jack. Got to agree with Phil, some really nice stuff to kick off the project. 7 and 9 are standing out to me, keep 'em coming

  3. I think your second sheet is slightly stronger than your first, mainly because of the interesting use of shapes. I also agree that 7 and 9 are nice but so are 29 and 30.