Sunday, 15 November 2015

Character - Game Outline

The background to this game is as follows;

Set on another world where an intelligent plant-like species thrive in harmony with their ecosystem. A group of alien invaders appear in pods and become violent against the plant creatures, forcing the creatures to take drastic measures to fight back and defend their planet. While the alien invaders have superior technology, the plant creatures have one advantage. They can use the light from their sun to mutate and become stronger/tougher.

The alien invaders are an advanced race that can travel through space, while the plant creatures are only a tribal species.

Game Mechanics:

It is a card game.

At the start of the game you are given a selection of plant characters to choose from that all have their own initial benefits.

During the game there are two decks that you draw from periodically, one is a 'mutation' deck and the other is an 'enemy' deck.

The 'mutation' deck includes cards that either strengthen your character or hinder it.

The 'enemy' deck includes cards that show alien invader characters. You have to fight using the plant character that you have built up using 'mutation' cards to defeat them. This will likely be done using statistics on the cards e.g. strength, agility, cunning.

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