Friday, 27 February 2015

Fantastic Voyage - Style Inspiration Ideas

I've begun to look for the style I will use for the animation on slime mold. In this first post about the style I have mostly looked at games which have distinct qualities that could lend themselves to an animtion of this type. The images aboive are as follows from left to right; Botanicula, Worms, Limbo, Osmos, Vessel, World of Goo, Little Inferno and finally Solar 2.

While some of these games have styles that I think could help me, I definitely feel that much more digging will be required before I strike metaphorical gold. Especially in other areas besaides game art styles. So far though I think that working with ink could be a possibility so I will try to look more into it to see if it could help create what I want in my animation. To me ink seems to lend itself to the qualities of slime mold, and it could be expecially effective in graphically representing its key stages.

-On a side note, any recommendations towards certain art or media that you think could help is welcome.

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  1. Hi Jack, see link:

    In terms of keeping things organic, yet simple, you might want to look at the following artists: