Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Fantastic Voyage - Life cycle of Slime Mold

After looking into and considering all four life cycles, the Slime Mold is definitely the one I was most drawn to after further research into the stages of it. I have looked at multiple diagrams which show the key stages in its life cycle, the ones below are diagrams that I found particularly interesting or useful in breaking the cycle down.

One another note, apparently my old buddy and 'What If Metropolis' work colleague Ernst Haeckel has created a print specifically of Slime Mold. This could be a good source for some inspiration.

While my ideas are only starting to flow for this project, one thing I would like to consider is narrating from the perspective of the slime mold itself. It is something I haven't seen in the previous animations and it could make the animation I make more interesting. It is of course not certain yet but it is something to think about as I move forwards.


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  2. These are lovely - but very intricate. Think about how you could apply them as textures, and how that could fit into an overall set design.