Thursday, 30 October 2014

Ernst Haeckel - Initial Research and Thoughts

He was born in Germany and was an evolutionist and a strong believer in Darwinism. Initial looks at biography's and discussions of his work leads me to believe that, perhaps his idea of a city would be one that evolved or grew as his drawings did. A city that arose from nothing and built upon itself like a plant or animal. Constantly growing in complexity and efficiency. With initial thumbnails I will try to capture this at least at a simple level by making buildings out of his own designs and making them look very organic. Maybe I'm taking his work as more than it is but those are my thoughts thus far.

Also, I think that using vibrant colour is a good starting point for my thumbnail ideas.

Haeckel, Ernst
Ernst Haeckel (Left) and his assistant Miklucho-Maclay in the canary islands.

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