Saturday, 29 April 2017

@Alan Major Project - Screenshots of Shot 2 and 10

Shot 2 Ambient Occ

Shot 2 Point Light

Shot 10 Grid Reference


  1. Ok Jack...

    1) Your scene is large so the 'max distance' needs to be increased to reflect that. 10 = ten grid units, so as you can see your scene is ten times large than that. Therefore you should start with 100 (at least) in the max distance. Keep increasing that until you see shading (darkness) in the corners of your room and where objects meet.

    2) In scene 10 - you have an inside / outside setup. You should make a plane as a ceiling for the room (hallway). On the outside use a directional light (which mimics the sun). On the inside use a point light to light the room and give it shadows.

    3) Point lights: Point lights have a decay setting. If you don't use that your light will have an infinite distance. Set the decay to either liner or quadratic so it has a decay distance (dies off over distance). You will need to increase the intensity to a higher value, such a 10 for linear and a 100 for quadratic.

    4) Samples at 16: That is low and a preview quality. Set that to 32 minimum.

  2. Note: Don't forget to soften the shadows on your lights. The sun light (directional light) you will need to change the settings to:

    Light Angle = 3 (you can increase this to soften the shadows more)
    Shadow Rays = 12 or 24 depending upon the results and if you still see grainy shadows

    Point light settings

    Light Radius = 0.1 or above (the higher the more blurred)
    Shadows Rays = 12 to 24

  3. Note 2: Sun shadows are sharper depending upon the time of day so in you case don't soften them too much.