Saturday, 31 December 2016

Minor Project - Set Model Update

I haven't shown my progress with the minor project in a while so here it is. I've been busy modelling the living room/kitchen set including all the main furniture. I've also begun to set up the hallway set and the two upstairs rooms, the bathroom and the baby room. The UV's were finished for the main room set last night and I am about to begin texturing the set. The kitchen and living room set is not yet finished as none of the many small objects/props have been added yet. All of the loose furniture are sitting completely straight currently and are not in their final positions.

Kitchen Shot 01 (Grey)

Kitchen Shot 01 (UV Texture)

Kitchen Shot 02 (Grey)

Kitchen Shot 02 (UV Texture)

Living Room Shot 01 (Grey)

Living Room Shot 01 (UV Texture)

Living Room Shot 02 (Grey)

Living Room Shot 02 (UV Texture)

Setup Progress Shot 01

Setup Progress Shot 02

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