Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Minor Project - Sound Collector Animatic v3 (No Sound Effects)

Many of the shots in the animatic have now changed after working through my previous storyboard with Alan. In this version the credits are very simple but the current plan is to have still shots of many individual objects fading away piece by piece as the credits show adjacent to them. This will likely be shown in a more refined version soon when the main sound effects are worked into the animatic.


  1. Hi Jack. A couple of notes...

    1) The timing or images appearing (cuts) to the audio needs tidying up a bit. For example, you should cut to the full character the moment the voice says 'Dressed in black and grey'. The same issue applies to 'The turning of the lock".

    2) In the image of 'man/ down the barrel of the device' at 1.46 should appear as a reaction shot earlier at "1.04" instead of the close up of the device. You could try switching these shots around.

    3) At the beginning - The sequeuence is a little long and the title 'jump' cut is too abrupt. Instead combine both elements and have the logo on the car we see the wheel and the door in the same shot, this connects better with next shot of the car door opening. As I said, now its time based look for ways to enhance / collapse shots to be simpler or more fluid.

    1. Thanks Alan, I'll make those tweaks and upload a new version.