Friday, 5 February 2016

Adaptation A - Infographic and Art Of

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  1. Overall I enjoyed your infographic Jack, it has a good information and design ‘DNA’ at its core. For example, I like the choice and logical progression of information. I also like the ‘bureaucratic / governmental’ style of the graphics too – This was a good tonal choice, it very much helps to frame the information for the viewer. Well done.

    However, there are few problems which could be ‘ironed out’ to improve this work further.

    1) Design – Whilst this is general good there’s still a ‘scrap book’ feel to the overall consistency. For example, the line work has inconsistent sizes so the character is bold, the houses of parliament even bolder, whilst the plate of food and letter (overdue) are very light. Overall this makes some objects feel under-designed and others very cartoony.
    2) Animation timing – Again, overall there is a good use of animation in terms of where and what arrives on screen at any one time, however a greater degree of finesse is needed in the timing. For example, the TV switching off is ‘ floaty’ towards the end (pausing too?). This is also true of the Mona Lisa and blackboard, again this is floaty and has a stop start quality. I’d also suggest that had you more time there would be another level of animation in your scene to give the viewer more to look at and graphically read – At the moment text is doing the job instead, explaining a little too much.
    3) Font – I found myself being a little frustrated by your use of font, again it has the right ‘flavour’ and is used in an interesting way but on occasion its too small to read, cluttered inside your designs, too wordy (see above), and inconsistent. For example, your opening ‘scribble’ font has wandered in from another infographic, it’s tonally different than the core scenes. The ‘overdue’ letter is very hard to read due to overlaying of text and graphic and the ‘health worker is a happy worker’ text is tiny.