Monday, 28 September 2015

Initial Narrative Story Ideas

Below I have listed the ideas I have worked on so far for the story for our group project.
The 2 themes and camera type we got were:

Under the Sea
Parallel Narrative

I have not yet worked on ideas thinking of the parallel narrative, that will most likely be my next course of action.

Main Ideas:

These 3 are the ones I found to be the most interesting and unique.

-A storm/shark (or other) traps a diver inside a WW2 submarine.

-An old or modern diving suit, a fish gets trapped inside it (or a school of fish) and it/they have to maneuver the diving suit somewhere to escape it.

-Non-aquatic animal (insect, snail, cricket) is lured into a food jar discarded on a beach (or cliff) and the jar closes and is washed out to sea.

Simpler/ Less worked on ideas:

These are very basic ideas and may or may not have potential, I feel they are worth noting down at least.

-Crab trapped in a crab fishing cage.

-Storm traps a diver at the bottom of a seabed.

-Ship sinks, trapped passenger or crew member.

-Fish and a submarine.

-Escape from an aquarium.

-Fish caught by a boy on a fishing boat.

-Diver in old weighted diving suit, catches a fish.

-Modern exploration sub, octopus trapped inside, has to find a way out of the sub.

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